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  • Welcome John, it's great to have you on board. In your opinion what's the most successful/popular activity/tech in your school? We have a few of librarians on this site at the moment, perhaps it would be a good idea to start a school makerspace topic/thread for more school oriented maker educators?

  • David Held here. I teach Art and Technology classes at Poughkeepsie Day School in Poughkeepsie NY. I am also a sound artist and give teacher workshops in Making and Coding. For the last year, I have been promoting the BBC Microbit as a tool for making in the K-12 environment. My website is

  • I'm an Engineering instructor at a Career and Technical Center in South Mississippi. I also helped form the Hub City Makers and am on the committee to host the Hattiesburg Mini Maker Faire in February 2018. I love to MAKE. I use a laser engraver, CNC machine, 3D printers and a vinyl cutter. I also sew.

  • I'm an artist, tinkerer, educator, and graduate of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). I taught in a K-12 school in Brooklyn, NY, USA for 14 years. In 2007 I created my school's Physical Computing program for 12-18 year olds, and two years later, joined NYC Resistor, a hacker collective in Brooklyn, NY where MakerBot, the first popular Desktop 3D printer was conceived. Shortly after MakerBot transitioned from project to company, my students put together the very first MakerBot printer sold to a school (a cupcake CNC machine).

    In addition to teaching full time at Saint Ann’s, in 2011 I started working for MakerBot as their first Education Coordinator. After two and half years I left to work with a group of consultants leading 3D workshops, and later worked for Canadian-based 3D printer company Tinkerine. Starting in January of 2015, I worked on an 6-month research project for Ultimaker exploring the needs of North American teachers wanting to use 3D printing in their classrooms. In the summer of 2016 I helped launch the Ultimaker Pioneer Program, an initiative to help North American educators integrate 3D printing into their K-12 classrooms, college courses, makerspaces, and libraries. The program facilitates collaboration between educators, and encourages Pioneers to share information about software, hardware, techniques and curriculum with a larger audience, both online and in person. II created and maintain the Ultimaker education landing page:, and in September, 2016 I left teaching full time to work for Ultimaker as their North American Education Community Strategist.

  • I'm Mark Loundy. Im an instructional technology specialist in the Cupertino (Calif.) school district. We opened our K-5 makerspace in February 2015. I also write a makerspace blog at

    Mark Loundy

    Instructional Technology Specialist
    Google Certified Educator, Level 2
    De Vargas Elementary School
    Cupertino (Calif.) Union School District

  • Hi all, I am late to the party but a colleague recommended this community to me and it looks great! I'm the makerspace coordinator in a PYP candidate school in California. I've been interested about maker life for a few years, but this is my first year in an active role! We have scheduled in Design classes for 3rd-5th grade that I teach as well, and I'm currently trying to build my scope and sequence/curriculum!

  • Hi! I am half of a two-person consulting company, Nonscriptum LLC, based in Pasadena, California. We have online classes on 3D printing and maker electronics, write books for Apress, and do consulting on how to get started with these technologies. Links at

    We also have a pro-bono project to link up teachers of the visually impaired who need a CAD model made with teachers looking for a good CAD problem for their students. Google group is linked under "projects" on our site- lots more requests than fulfillers right now, so please offer to create a model!

    Joan Horvath
    Co-founder, Nonscriptum LLC

  • Hello!

    I am passionate about Maker Education and so happy this forum exists!

    I'm a freelance educational consultant working from Brooklyn, NY. I consult on LEGO Education, Robotics Programs, Maker Spaces and Maker Education Programs, STEAM programs, and Social Emotional Learning Pedagogy. I was a teacher in both public and independent schools working as a classroom teacher, STEAM specialist, and robotics coach. I love encouraging students and teachers to take risks, expand their creativity, and make inventive ideas come to life.

    I am also the Ambassador of Fun for LEGO MINDSTORMS, the Master of Ceremonies for FIRST Robotics competitions, and co-founder of the Jr. Explorers Club, a summer adventure program for children. You can follow me on twitter: @maureenrreilly

  • I’m a Library Assistant in South Wales (UK) currently trying to convince my local authority that we should create a makerspace within the Library service.

    As we don’t have the space or money I suggested a portable makerspace that can travel between libraries but also be rented/loaned out to local schools.

    This idea has snowballed and I am now in the process of creating a ‘Community Interest Company’ (CIC) whilst looking for funding to purchase a vehicle that I shall design and fit out as a mobile maker/hackerspace (@pack-a-hack).

    I am a recently qualified Raspberry Pi Certified Educator.

    I am also a Freelance Design Consultant with a BA(hons) & DipArch in Architecture.

  • I am the BITlab (Bullis Innovation and Technology Lab) Coordinator at Bullis School in Potomac Md. It's a brand new 2,500 square foot Makerspace and Fab Lab for students K-12. My interest is in getting students from all disciplines into the space, not just self-described makers or techies. Often when students come in with their math, science, history or other class they ask what classes get to meet there every day.

    Tw: @BullisBITlab

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